Frequently Asked Questions


1) Do you fix watches?

 Sorry, we do not repair watches.

2) Do you fix ______ kind of clock?

We realize (as should our customer) that over the last three centuries there have been thousands of different clock makers from all over the world. All clocks are fundamentally similar and fascinatingly different. We enjoy the challenge of receiving for repair a clock we’ve never seen before.  Rest assured.  We have never had to honour our guarantee-                                                                                                    “If we can’t fix it you don’t pay”

3) Do you sell clocks and watches?

No, we don’t sell clocks or watches.  Not having an inventory keeps our costs down which pass on to our customer.

4) Do you do in-home service?

No, we do not repair your clock in your home.  Clock repair can only be properly performed in our specially designed shop with proper equipment.

5) Do you make house calls?

Yes, for an additional fee, we will come to your home to collect and deliver your clock.  This is generally a service provided for long-case clocks (grandfather) and for customers with limited mobility.

6) Why do you want to clean my clock?  It’s inside a nice tight case.  How can it be dirty enough to need cleaning?

Clocks, as with all things mechanical, work better if lubricated.  Lubricants (oil), even with modern scientific advancements eventually dry out in a clock.  As the lubricant dries out it becomes sticky and any dust or pollutant in the air sticks to it and starts to contribute the wear on the clock.  And as if this were not enough, the sticky lubricant eventually becomes the glue that stops the clock altogether.  From our experience, 90% of non-functioning clocks just need a “bath”.

7) I’d like to keep my clock running a long time.  What should I do to keep it well maintained?

Your clocks should be professionally cleaned and oiled every ten years and the oil ‘refreshed’ every five years-a service we offer to all our customers.

8) My battery-powered quartz clock has stopped.  Can you fix it?

Our first recommendation with quartz clocks is: make sure the battery isn’t dead!!

Our second recommendation is, unless the clock has great sentimental value, replace it with a new clock as the cost to repair it will be far greater than the price of a new clock.   But the bottom line is - Yes, we can fix it!

9) I think I over-wound my clock….

It is not possible to over-wind a clock!  That being said, winding a clock to avoid damage is a fine art.  Winding a clock until the key stops turning can lead to a broken spring.  Ideally, wind each spring and stop turning one turn before you reach the ‘end’ of the spring.  Wind your clock on the same day each week and count the number of turns required to reach the ‘end’.  Next week turn it one less turn- that should be the number to use every week after that.  If your clock is fully wound and it won’t run it probably needs cleaning.

10) You fixed my clock, I brought it home, and it doesn’t run!

99% of the time the problem is the clock is not level. Your clock needs to be as close to level as you can get it.  We recommend using a carpenter’s spirit level . In the case of wall clocks, level the clock once and put a pencil mark on the wall for future reference. In the case of mantel clocks you may have to put spacers (shims) under one side or the other.  If the clock will be permanently on a non-level surface we can adjust the clock to run properly on that surface without shims.

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