The Clock Doctor Guarantee

At The Clock Doctor we still believe in value for your money.  How many times have you sought services (a garage for example) only to be told “Sorry we can’t fix that, here’s your bill for $$$$”? 

  1. Our slogan is your first guarantee: "The Clock Doctor will get your ticker going again!
    Our translation to you is “If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!”

  2. Our second guarantee is: No bill padding.
    Our translation: “What we say is what you pay.” Our estimate will include everything needed to repair your clock, even the GST!  We don’t believe in charging for every little item (cleaners, lubricants, rags, solder, “shop supplies”, etc.).

  3. And lastly, All our work and replacement parts are guaranteed for one year.
    (No caveats, no fine print!)
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